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Quality in professional relationships & services

At Q-People, our background is in projects. We started with training, mentoring and coaching of engineers. Since then we have grown into a mature company that provides quality services (to our employees and to our clients). Our team is made up entirely of specialists, experts who achieve solid results in their field. You can count on us!

Always one step ahead Project staff with that bit more to offer

Looking for project staff within the pharmaceutical processing industry? Employees who will grow, prosper and reach optimal performance together with you? Q-People finds them. Our specialization: multi-level engineering and quality assurance.

Q-Academy Fully trained and coached

The talent of our employees is fully developed and expanded and it shows! Because we constantly train, coach and mentor them. We sharpen their strengths. And that pays off. You get more capable employees with much more to offer, professional people that you can rely on.